Daily Beats Sample Pack Volume 8


Daily Beats Sample Pack Volume 8 contains the individual instruments and drums for every beat in the Daily Beats Volume 8 album.


The Daily Beats Sample Pack Volume 8 is sourced from the instrumentals of the Daily Beats Volume 8 album. These royalty-free loops allow inspirational usage in your music production and are ideal for use in any Slicer or Sampler plugin. Rearrange the playback order of each sample or apply creative envelopes for example. Un-sliced loops and individual drum loops are easy to drag and drop to the playlist as audio clips and be used right away. This is ideal for music producers that rely on sampling because they will have the individual sounds to shop up and rearrange.

103 files allow you to create melodies and drum note patterns.

  • 18 drum loops
  • 13 bass loops
  • 2 808 loops
  • 18 piano loops
  • 6 string loops
  • 6 guitar loops
  • 13 synth loops
  • 1 horn loop
  • 1 organ loop
  • 1 arp loop
  • 3 bell loops
  • 2 sample loops
  • 15 all instruments loops

Wav format: 44.1kHz, 24 bits.

Video Tutorial

Rap beat tutorial using this sample pack.


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Daily Beats Sample Pack Volume 8

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