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The #1 source for professional Hip Hop and Rap Beats. Get your next hit records right from our beat catalog. We have more than 480 exclusive and professional instrumentals available for instant delivery.

Sample Packs

Our professional Sample Packs will x10 the quality of your next record!

✅ Drums Loops, Piano Loops, Bass Loops, etc. ✅ Construction Packs

Drum Kits

Industry quality Drum Kits with hundreds of sounds

✅ Kicks, Snare and Hi-Hats ✅ Cymbals, 808, Drums Loops, etc.


Enhance with simplicity!

splitEnhancer makes your tracks sound better. Use it on basses, pianos, vocals, strings, synths, etc. Trough it to any track and it will make it sound great. Use it on your mix or master track to enhance your overall mix. This plugin is designed to give you rich audio with only 2 knobs.

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Fidelity EQ

7 Band Parametric Equalizer

Strengthen you audio signal with Fidelity EQ. Our 7 Band Parametric Equalizer is perfect for mixing and mastering, to sculpt your records and give life to your songs. Equalization is a key skill for a music producer and the better your tools the better your sounds. This Parametric EQ is packed with handy features to help you make better decisions when equying any track. We have also included a bunch of presets so that you will have a base to start tackling your mix channels. We started this project thinking "hey, lets make a equalizer... it does not seem too complicated!" We were wrong. It is complicated but we managed to make this equalizer with a great sound and with a nice looking interface. We use it in every production that we do now and let me tell you our sounds are getting better every day. Yours can too...

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