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A little bit about me and my passions.
My name is Tiago Luís Gonçalves Duarte. I was born in a small city in Portugal called Barcelos. From young age I knew I wanted to learn about electronics. I started to take apart everything that I could put my hands on and then trying to put all together after (some pieces were always left over for some reason :) ). I remember one day I found an old VHS player in the garbage and I took it home and fix it. After that I wanted to learn more about electronics. Meanwhile when I was in middle school I found that I could program my Texas calculator. So I started with the manual and learn by myself how to program (spoiler: that was why I chose the Embedded Systems Specialization for my MSc).

A few years latter I fell in love with music. I watched TOP+ where I could see videoclips and discover new bands. My entusiasm was so big that I started to tell my school friends about the music I was listening and after a while one friend gave a CD and told me "listen to this... you will like it". I asked him what it was and he said "Hip Hop". After that I knew I had to learn more about music specially how to make music. And this was the start of my music career.

Personal Data

Personal Data
Address Rua Miguel Bombarda Nº20 – 4750-320 Barcelos, Portugal
Date of birth 10th April 1987
Nationality Portuguese
Mobile Phn. +351 936 648 027
Telephone +351 253 822 503
Email tiagolgduarte[at]gmail.com
Driving license Full and clean driving license on A, A1, B1 and B category

Professional Experience

Professional Experience as a Music Producer
Owner Daily Beats Website - 2016-present
Duration: present
Tasks: creation of more than 450 Hip Hop/Rap instrumentals (aka beats) - all instrumentals were create, mixed and mastered by me; creation of 16 Sample Packs that contain loop melodies of Pianos, Basses, Strings, Brass, Drums, etc.; creation of all the sounds of DailyBeatsVI (virtual instrument) and DailyBeatsVI Sound Bank Volume 2.
Recording Engineer All songs released by me were recorded, mixed and mastered by me. I have a profund knoledge about how audio works in the digital domain. I understand how DAWs work and I can take the best advantage when using them. My next Hip Hop solo album is currently being recorded, mixed and mastered by me.
Live Mixer Engineer I did 3 part-time jobs as a Live Mixer Engineer mixing small concerts in Barcelos. I was also responsible for setting up the stage and connecting all the gear.
Studio Engineer When I recorded my first Hip Hop album I helped the Studio Engineer setting up the studio and it was my first experience within a professional recording studio. This was in 2007.
DAWs I have worked with:
FL Studio - my weapon of choice
Pro Tools 8 and Pro Tools One (FREE)
Studio One (FREE Version)
Ableton Live
Garage Band
Reason (although very little)
Professional Experience as an Embedded Systems Engineer
Owner Daily Beats Website - 2016-present
Duration: present
Tasks: All plug-ins and website was developed by me. The plug-ins were developed in C++ and for the website I had to learn HTML, CSS and PHP. I manage all aspects of this website including product and page design, graphic design, promotion, marketing, coding, product launch, customer support, etc. This is basically a one man band :)
R&D Engineer Synopsys, Maia, Portugal - 2015/2016
Duration: 1 year
Tasks: Development of Linux device drivers for HDMI IP. Development of audio and video device drivers for Linux using ALSA and Video 4 Linux 2 frameworks. Development of C applications to control audio and video drivers.
Internship Synopsys, Maia, Portugal - 2014/2015
Duration: 6 months
Tasks: Development of Linux device drivers for HDMI IP. Development of audio and video device drivers for Linux using ALSA and Video 4 Linux 2 frameworks. Development of C applications to control audio and video drivers.
Owner Creation of entertainment events organization "As 3 Pancadas", Barcelos, Portugal – 2009/2011
Duration: 3 years organizing 4 events.
Tasks: Organizing and scheduling the event. Contact suppliers and entertainers. Assisting the design art creation and sound systems.
Internship Blaupunkt (currently BOSCH), Braga, Portugal - 2006/2007
Duration: 1 year, in the Department of Quality 9 (QMM9)
Tasks: Receive, analyze and deliver faulty CD drives in the Radio units to the 3th party suppliers. Filling and organizing the quality reports and forward the reports to the Technical Engineers.
Internship Andronics Satellite Communications, London Derry, North Ireland – 2005
Duration of 1 month
Tasks: Refactoring of default board and translation of the Company’s website to Portuguese and contact of Portuguese clients.


MSC Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering
University of Minho, Portugal, 2013
Specialization: Embedded System Design and Power Electronics
Master Thesis: "Implementation of a Real Time Object Oriented Dependable OS on a Multicore Architecture" - In coordination with Wüzburg Universität, Germany
MSc Thesis GPA: 18 in 20 points | Final MSc GPA: 15 in 20 points
Subjects covered: Computer Architecture, Real-Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Languages and Compilers/Assemblers, Simulation and Debugging, Power Electronics Devices, Grid Active Filters, Passive and Active Power compensation
BSc Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering
University of Minho, Portugal, 2013
Subjects covered: Power electronics, Computer technologies, Microprocessors, Sensors and Instrumentation, Circuit analysis, Digital/Analog hardware, Databases, Computer networks, Automation, Circuit simulation
Professional course Electronics, Automation and Command
Escola Profissional de Braga, Braga, Portugal, 2006
Professional Aptitude Project: "Monitorização do consumo de aparelhos eléctricos com um autómato, através de um GUI em VBA"
PAP GPA: 18 in 20 points | Final course GPA: 17 in 20 points
Subjects covered: Power Electronics and Motors, Computer technologies, Microcontrollers, Sensors and Instrumentation, Circuit analysis, Digital/Analog Hardware, Automation, PCB Design, Circuit Simulation
Self development and personal education
Books I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad, CashFlow Quadrant, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People, Rich Dad's Prophecy, Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men One Message, An Unfair Advantage, The Business of the 21st Century, Second Chance
Think and Grow Rich
How To Make Friends and Influence People
Emotional Inteligence
The Midas Touch
The DaVinci Code
Sales for Dummies
Just to name a few :)
Courses DECO: Investimentos na Bolsa de Valores, Investimentos Imobiliários
12 Entrepernurial One Day Workshops over the course of 3 years
9 Two Days Entrepernurial Congresses over the course of 3 years
My perspective I strive to read at least 5 to 10 books per year. I take my personal time to improve myself and my skills to maintain my value updated and always growing.
Music Related Courses
Music Business Foundations - Barklee What I've learned:
The basic history of the music industry and today's business trends
How recording agreements are formulated
The basics of copyright law as it pertains to the music business
The role of agents, managers, attorneys, and specific business entities
Songwritting - Barklee What I've learned:
Structure song ideas
Writting thechniques to better songwritting
How to create cohesion when writting a song
Developing Your Musicianship - Barklee What I've learned:
Basic concepts and approaches needed to understand, create, and perform contemporary music.
Creating Synthesizer Sounds for Electronic Music - Barklee What I've learned:
Create sounds and use them in your own musical compositions


Programming languages C, C++, C#, SQL, Verilog, VHDL, Assembly, Script, AR&T Linker Script, HTML, CSS, PHP
Hardware Platforms ATMega based, NGW100, AVRRaven, Raspberry Pi, Xilinx Basys 2, PIC based platforms, STM32F4 Discovery board – ARM Cortex-­‐M4, Nitrogen6X – Freescale i.MX6 with ARM Cortex-­‐A9 Quad Core, Intel Atom, ARC
Operating Systems Software Development Windows - Advanced
Linux - Advanced
OSX - Advanced
Technical Skills MS Office - Advanced
Concept Draw
Visual Studio - Advanced<
XCode - Advanced<
Eclipse - Advanced<
Design Skills GIMP - Advanced
InkScape - Intermedium
Blender 3D - beguinner
HitFilm - Advanced
Languages English (fluent speaking, writing and reading)
A2 of German
Spanish (intermediate speaking, writing and reading)
Software Development Processes Waterfall Model
Build tools Gnu gcc and g++, Codesourcery ARM tools
Website Management WordPress - Advanced
Mailchimp - Advanced
Google Tools Google Analytics
Google AdSense
Google AdWords
Google Search Console
Google Trends
Google Webmaster Tools
Google Docs


Fitness   and   health
Business   and   financial   education

International Music Collaborations

International Music Collaborations
MC eFFeX Productions Collaboration with MC eFFeX Productions. Listen here
Brazilian BeatMaker Sidney Sicaccio Collaboration Brazilian BeatMaker Sidney Sicaccio. Listen here
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