Techno From Start To Finish S2 Ep5 – Mixing

Published by Tiago Duarte on

Hi, in this video, I continue the Techno From Start To Finish S2. I start this tutorial by listening to the track to have a feel for what I am going to do and the current state of the mix. I then lower all the faders and start to bring one fader at a time to create a static mix. This is the foundation of the whole mix and it's a very important step. I then show you how I set up all my tracks for mixing and to avoid making mistakes when mixing which can happen really fast. After I have the static mix, I add equalization and compression to the full mix to improve it just a little bit so that I make my life easier when mixing the individual tracks. I then go through all the drums elements (only for the Premium Members) and the main synth and I add equalization and compression when I think is necessary. To finalize this session, I A/B my work to see if it's actually making a good difference on the mix and spoiler alert, it does 🙂

I hope you learn something today and great productions my friend

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