Techno From Start To Finish S2 Ep4 – Finishing the Composition

Published by Tiago Duarte on

Hi, in this video, I continue the Techno From Start To Finish S2. I start this tutorial by listening to the track and what we have so far and when I was listening in my speakers I noticed that the drum kick did not have a body and I could only hear the click of the kick. I decided to add a new kick and after that, I worked on the transition to the breakdown. I added automation to the build-up and drop and then I found some variations in the TD-3 bass that I did not like so I fixed that too. Then I added a few touches to the build-up and listened to the full track to see if I liked it. The next step is exporting the stems and do the mixing.

I hope you learn something today and great productions my friend

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