Techno From Start To Finish S2 Ep3 – Breakdown and Drop

Published by Tiago Duarte on

Hi, in this video, I continue the Techno From Start To Finish S2. In this episode, I start adding a pad to the breakdown and after another one but I was not really feeling it so I decided to move to the main drop and try to add some synth to spice things up a little bit. I found a nice preset, tweaked it a little bit, and then made some notes and chords. This new synth brings a little bit of life to the drop and it also gave me an idea of how I wanted to make the build-up. I then created a rough build-up, added a couple of effects and risers to the breakdown and a nice delayed synth to the breakdown. I think the track is getting to a nice point and is almost finished in terms of composition and sounds. After that comes mixing and mastering which should not take that long too. Let me know what you think about the track in the comments bellow 😁

Great productions my friend

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