Swing And Groove

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Swing can completely transform the way your music sounds and add bounce and groove to any musical piece. A lot of the old-school rap and hip-hop tracks have a unique swing to them due to the pieces of gear used in that era. Some of which you might have heard of. Machines like Akay MPC, SP1200, Ensoniq EPS 16, Linn, and the list goes on. A lot of the swing that we hear on those machines comes from the fact that when the beatmakers were producing beats they were physically hitting the pad to trigger sounds and they imprinted the human feel and swing into to tracks. Today we lost a little bit of that magic because we can make music with mouse clicks. But fear not fellow producer 😀 The Swing gods shared with me some tips that I will pass on to you so that you too can apply swing to your tracks correctly.

Let’s take a look at how to do it in FL Studio and Ableton Live.

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