Mid-Side EQ in FL Studio | Why and How

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You need to learn mid-side eq if you want to become a better producer. Let me show you why and how. My name is Tiago Duarte, and welcome to DailyBeats where I help you master the software so that it’s just you and Music. Support the channel by buying one of our products at dailybeats.pt or a hoodie sweater like this one in our merch store. Link in the description. Let’s get into mid-side eq. A few years ago I got frustrated with my music skills. I was making beats every day to improve and become a professional producer. I was making music non-stop. Making beats, trying to mix and master them, and then uploading them to YouTube. It was exciting in the beginning but after one year or two in, it became frustrating when I realized that I was not improving the quality of my masters. I set on a quest to try to understand what I should do to make my masters sound better. I tried a bunch of different things but nothing seemed to really make a really big difference. I kept going with the idea in my mind that I would eventually get it and find a process that would work for me. That moment was when I learned mid-side eq and started to include it in my mastering process. Now I can't release any music without first checking how the mid and side of the track sound. Is that important. Let me know in the comments what is that is making you feel frustrated while making music or what was your aha moment that you notice made you a better producer. I would love to hear your story.

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