Daily Beats VST

Daily Beats VST is a FREE product and you can download it here.


> 14 Instruments

> Over 1.6 GB of sounds

> Comprehensive ADSR Envelope

> Skin Selector for extra inspiration

Daily Beats VST

Daily Beats VST

Instrument selector

Select from 14 instruments

Daily Beats VST provides Grand Pianos, Strings and Orchestral Instruments

ADSR Envelope

Change the sounds as you want

Daily Beats VST provides clean sounds with no processing to give you more control

Daily Beats VST

Several Skins

To give you more inspiration

Daily Beats VST

Daily Beats VST

How to Install Tutorial

Demo Beat Tutorial

Demo Tracks

More Info

This product was developed by Tiago Duarte from You can use it as a StandAlone Application or inside your DAW as a VST2 or VST3 Instrument plug-in. This product can be used in 32 bits and 64 bits systems and it was designed to provide a very low CPU and RAM usage and maintaining fast load and save times.
Daily Beats VST is a simple sample based instrument plug-in. It contains 14 instruments, an ADSR envelope and a skin selector. It includes a sound library of 1,66 GB and also provides 6 different skins to change it’s appearence.